Chapter 7

Even if you have been sued, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay that credit card debt. You can get a fresh start through bankruptcy. The bankruptcy laws are there in order to protect honest but unfortunate people from their creditors.

You may think that you will lose your possessions, or that you will have to go to court and face all of your creditors, but that is not the case. Your name won’t be in the newspaper. The Constitution gives you this right to stop creditor harassment and get a fresh start.

Our clients say the same two things: “I can’t believe how easy (or how painless) this was,” and “I wish I had done this a long time ago.”


If you can’t keep up with the payments to your creditors, if you have been sued for any reason, if you lost your driver’s license because of an unpaid judgment, or if you owe more money than you can possibly repay, you are entitled to relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Laws. Except for most taxes, school loans, support, restitution, and very recent borrowing, you can eliminate all of your debts in a Chapter 7 “Fresh Start” bankruptcy.

Please see “Frequently Asked Questions” for more information on Chapter 7.

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